Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekends Rulezorz.

So, today was awesome. I worked from 5 in the morning (haha yeah that was awesome, i blared screamo music for the first hour and a half before we opened. Good stuff) until 2 in the afternoon. Work in general was awesome because like every single "fun" person at CFA worked today, which made it immensely entertaining.

Then I had a band practice with my band for like the first time in two months. Yeah, it's been so crazy these past few months that we haven't been able to get together, but today was a good practice. We sketched up the framework for a new song, and did a cover of the song "All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True" by A Skylit Drive. If you like post-hardcore then check them out.

And then I got to spend the rest of the day until right now with my cousin. That was hilarious. We drove over to the church property with a camera and filmed completely random movies with no scripts or whatever, we just winged it. We also ran into Nathan there, but didn't say much beyond "Hey". Haha he saw us filming this one hilarious part.... *when I was standing on top of my car, for your benefit Nathan* 

Anyways, the best quote from that whole time hanging with my cousin at the church has to be this- "Eekten Gleeben Globben Gloaben. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Haha rofl wow. Anyways, he's an awesome kid (my cousin).

And now I'm looking forward to Sunday and church tomorrow. And also (FRISBEE!!!!!!!)

Go Cardinals. I figured if they beat us they might as well win the super bowl. 

Have a good night yall, and continue being awesome as you are.


  1. haha, awesome.

    Your cousin being Colin?

    I'm not sure who I'm going to root for yet....

  2. Haha Mark yeah i wasn't expecting to see yall there haha. I just decided randomly to go down there and take pictures randomly =P I quite enjoyed watching yall film though haha. I would have walked over and said hey, but i didn't want to interrupt yall :-/

  3. I know that song... It's amazing!!!

    What is your band called now? Who's in it, anyway?

    COLIN!!!!!! =D

  4. Our band doesn't have a name right now. We are waiting until we find one that really feels right and will stick, and isn't generic. Me, Zach, Garrett, and Stephen are the only current members.

  5. Hmmm... let me think of some...

    Cats Eat Birds (like the Panthers were supposed to eat the Cardinals)
    The Ear Blisters (like when your ears hurt from loud music)
    A Day Soon Coming (the end of the age)
    Not Superman (it's God, not us)
    Skull Underfoot (Jesus crushed Satan's head)

    Those were pretty totally random... I'll keep thinking up some more. I really hope your band survives.

  6. Haha our band is doing great, we aren't really worried/bothering ourselves with thinking up a name right now.

  7. Haha, I didn't think you were, I just like thinking up band names.

    How about "An Imminent Spectacle?" Kind of like yours... haha.