Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have so much time....

So, I'm sitting here at CPCC's Levine Campus in Matthews. I've got 1 hour and 15 minutes until my next class. I'm so glad that CPCC has computer labs....

I've got so much stuff I want to do right now. I want to play music. I want to listen to music. I want to play frisbee. I want to go camping. Yes, I want to go camping RIGHT NOW. I want to play football. I want to armwrestle one of my coworkers at CFA. I'll beat him one of these days. I want to play certain computer games. I want the Ipod Touch that I ordered last night to arrive right now. I want to graduate high school right now. I want to get a new car right now. I want to hang out with all my friends. I want to see some of my friends that I haven't seen in years. I want to be 18 right now. There are so many others.....

But, I've still got a lot of time before any of this happens. Some of it may happen tonight, tomorrow, in the next couple days...... Some of it may happen in weeks, months, years.... I've got so much time before me.

What am I going to do with all that time? The 'practical American' inside me says, "Save up money!! Finish college!! Buy your own house!!"

But that isn't what I really need to be thinking about. After all, what am I even here for? To praise God, and carry out the great commission. With that in my mind, why am I so bothered by all these other things that I "don't have time for"? I don't need to have time for them. They are not what's important.

Well, I've still got an hour until my class. Guess that I better get busy...



  1. haha, camping is awesome. I love it. So are friends, music, ipod touches, graduating, new cars and becoming a legal adult. =P

    But yeah, I really know how you feel. I used to constantly wish I could be somewhere /other/ than where I was in life. Actually, I still feel that way sometimes.

    But, I have to remind myself that God has a plan. That there probably is a good reason why I'm not to a certain point in my life yet(like getting my license, for example). There are some things I need to go though to mature and/or grow in the Lord before I will be ready for that particular thing.

    And I have to ask myself 'until I do get to such and such a point, what does God want to do with me until then?' I find there are plenty of things that I can be doing with my life...I just might not feel like doing them sometimes. Like school or honoring my parents. But, in doing these things, I am growing. And like I have said, good things are worth waiting for(or working for =P).

    haha, and I know some of the stuff you're talking about is a lot more minor than what I'm talking about(like listening to music), but I think you get my point. =P

    Anyhow, sorry for the long post. I'll be praying that you have peace, stay content with your stage in life and trust that God have an amazing plan for you! =)

  2. Haha, I have like 2.5 hours from when my class ends 'til I leave. I do my homeschool then.

    Excellent thoughts. I've been giving up a lot of stuff lately because I've realized that I just don't have time for it... sometimes, I wish I could give up school, but that's not what God has for me... or what my parents have for me. =P

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  4. Haha Emily i love how almost all your comments are pretty much blog posts on their own =P In fact you should start a blog named "Emily's Comments" And it'll just be a list of all your comments that you've posted on everybody's blogs, so the rest of us won't have to dive deep in someone else's blog comments to find your gems of wisdom =P I'm kidding, but kinda serious too =P

    And Mark, great post man. I think i was at Central's lab at pretty much the same time in pretty much the same circumstance writing on my blog too.. your post blows mine out of the water though =P I hadn't even thought about the angle you come from in this post.. it really made me think.

  5. haha! Sorry if I go into too much detail in my 'comments'. I never realize they get that long. Sorry 'bout that. But I'm not so sure about 'gems of wisdom'.....more like 'ramblings' =P

    Isn't it cool when friends go through the same things around the same time? I think God does that on purpose to encourage and help us through things.....